“Patrice Surley is a gift to the glioblastoma world. Her knowledge of all interventions related to supplements, diet, off label medications and so much more in unsurpassed. Knowing that she is a member of our team provides an immeasurable comfort. She is smart, responsive, passionate and caring. We feel incredibly lucky to be working with her.” - R.J.

“I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2007. Over the years I’ve had more Practitioners than I can count. Medical doctors, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Specialists, Nutritionists, Herbalists, you name it. Patrice’s knowledge spans all of these modalities. Her brain amazes me. I feel so luck to have found her. One of the hardest parts of my journey with cancer has been finding true healers. Practitioners that actually look out for their patients and are not just into making money or feeding their egos. Patrice is the real deal. She works from her heart and truly cares. She keeps her rates affordable so she is accessible to all patients, not just the financial elite. If I could rate her with stars on a scale of 1-5, I would give her 50,000!” - L.J.

“ I’ve known Patrice for almost 25 years, and I’ve seen her grow on this path of healer/helper. I send all of my family and friends to her because she will get to the heart of the situation, no matter what it is that you are dealing with. So many times, you have a so-called team of specialists that don’t communicate and drive you down a dead-end path. It’s misinformation or getting lost in the system and much frustration in the process. When I’ve listened to Patrice and implemented the changes she was suggesting, I experienced drastic improvement. My particular situation was a genetic allergy, with hormonal and auto-immune overlapping symptoms. She has laser vision into the issues that get overlooked by so many that we look to for answers. I am forever grateful.” - S.M.

“Patrice is an invaluable member of my medical “team” in this breast cancer journey I’m on. From what I can tell, she has more knowledge than most oncologists and even more than most integrative oncologists. She goes through all of my labs with a fine-toothed comb and tunes into potential issues that no doctor would even notice. She is well versed in the use of repurposed drugs for cancer, as well as, other treatments, whether conventional, alternative, or integrative. She’s also incredibly encouraging, caring, compassionate, and generous with her time. I can’t even imagine doing this cancer trip without Patrice as my guide!” - E.G.

“Patrice is one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered along my path of GBM. She has not only helped by advising me on diet, supplements, and holistic or alternative treatments for GBM, but also allergies and other ailments. She is always a joy to speak with. I could talk to her for hours upon hours about anything and everything. She is so genuine, compassionate and truly wants to help others. She is also great about, after a consult, sending very thorough details of our game plan via email. If I ever have a question or need a suggestion, she responds quickly. I feel like she really takes my lifestyle and ethics to heart and is very supportive. Patrice’s recommendations, I believe, have played a huge part in not only my survival, but also being able to live healthfully and helping me to thrive both physically and mentally. “ - Kris P

”Many of you are aware that my brother has brain cancer, but few are aware that Patrice has played the largest role in helping my brother not only survive but thrive these past 4.5 years. We have an incredible team of medical doctors and practitioners that we work with, but no one has been as spot on, integrative, personalized, up on ground breaking research and as science backed as Patrice. She has customized a protocol for him that integrates all of the different, varying, and often confusing information we have received from doctors or other patients, as well as, the data supported expert advices she has developed over 20+ years. As we all know, there is no one right way to fight cancer and it’s a web of confusing information and opinions. Patrice continues to adjust, as needed, an individualized protocol for my brother that has been holistic, and most of all, effective!! Unfortunately, there is not always a clear treatment path for certain cancers, especially the very rare ones. Patrice specializes in those rare cancers, however, she’s also great with common cancers and can work in unison with your medical team. I’ve shared her information privately to many people in the past, but now I feel like it’s important to shout it from the rooftops! I pray you and your family are never impacted by cancer but, if you are, she is a ray of hope!” - S.R.

“I love Patrice Surley! She’s more than a GBM specialist, nutritionist, patient advocate, and master herbalist all in one; she’s my peace of mind. We started consulting with Patrice in August of 2018 after trying two different Naturopathic Doctors specializing in cancer; we found that neither one had as much experience in GBM as Patrice. From the initial meeting, we felt like it was the perfect fit. She took her time and explained EVERYTHING. I’ve never had anyone in the medical industry take that much time and care to ensure our questions were answered and a plan was in place. The best part about Patrice is her sincerest desire to help others. She’s affordable and accessible to everyone. The icing on the cake? She looked out for me, too. She coached me through the toughest and loneliest part of our journey. And, that folks, is priceless.” -A.M.