consultations and wellness services

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Nutrition Consultation

During your consultation, we focus on:

Using dietary strategies and supplements to promote optimal health.  We will discuss effective nutritional approaches for addressing your health concerns or diagnoses.  I incorporate a functional assessment of any lab results that are available, including tumor gene pathology and genetic testing.  I suggest certain blood tests to screen for biomarkers that are associated with survival and prognosis and use diet and supplements to correct any imbalances found, repeating testing to ensure efficacy of your protocol.  

Using diet and supplements to maximize the efficacy of your medical treatments and reduce the potential for negative side effects.  Response rates to medical treatments can be boosted with targeted nutritional support.  Many drugs cause nutrient deficiencies that exacerbate negative side effects or create new health issues.  We can address symptoms, such as low blood counts, elevated liver enzymes, or kidney stress, etc, from medical treatments with nutrition and implement strategies to deter unwanted side effects.  

Navigating the medical system and getting the best treatment option for your cancer or auto-immune illness.  My clinical experience in working with hundreds of cases of cancer, especially glioblastoma, breast and ovarian cancers, can help you prepare for and plan your treatment.  I will share my observations and the experiences of others that have participated in your planned treatment and help you gather information about trials and integrative treatments, including repurposed medicines, that might be applicable to your diagnosis.  Knowing your options can help you make educated decisions, leading to increased survival and better prognosis.

All consulting is done via phone/FaceTime/Skype.  

First appointment $250 (~ 90 minutes), follow up appointments $125/hour

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Workshops, Retreats, Conferences, Classes

I can accommodate a number of dietary preferences, including, but not limited to, raw/vegan, macrobiotic, ayurvedic, paleo, and allergy/auto-immune diets.  Services can be provided for your specific location.

  • Meal planning and/or preparation for retreats or group events

  • Individual consultations for retreat attendees

  • Health and wellness talks and classes for retreats, conferences, and group events

  • Grocery store tours/healthy shopping classes

  • Private or group healthy cooking classes

  • Kitchen detoxifications