THE cleanse

My raw and vegan cleanse incorporates a variety of over 50 different fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds, herbs, and super foods.  Most of my ingredients are organically grown in our family's garden and I prepare my drinks to maximize assimilation and digestion of nutrients. 

My cleanse is unlike most juice cleanses because it offers the fiber that is essential for detoxification.  Most of the drinks are completely raw, preserving valuable enzymes.  Your daily cleanse kit contains at least 50 grams of fiber, over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, and an average of 1600 calories.  Each day, depending on the daily harvest, the menu changes, giving a wide variety of flavors and nutrients.



A plant based diet is the key

to disease prevention! 


  • Boost metabolism

  • Lose some weight and trim down

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve digestion

  • Kickstart immune function

  • Balance blood sugar

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Strengthen circulation

  • Reduce your toxic burden

  • Maximize nutrient intake

  • Activate telomerase activity (live longer)

  • Look younger and feel better


From My Garden To You! 


Each day, your cleanse kit will contain 6 pint jars of cleansing drinks, including:

1 slow juiced green juice blend

1 super food smoothie

 1 raw vegetable soup or salad

1 cooked legume soup

1 home made nut or seed milk

1 electrolyte superfruit drink

PLUS 1 bag of detoxifying herbal tea


The 3 DAY CLEANSE is a compact cleansing intensive!  Each day, we will focus on one of the three major elimination channels of your body, the colon, the liver and finally, the kidneys.  The first day of specially formulated recipes will improve elimination of body toxins by gently stimulating the gastro-intestinal system to flush out accumulated waste.  On the second day, you’ll enjoy recipes created to stimulate liver function and clear accumulated body toxins.  Recipes on the last day will boost kidney detoxification, aid lymph circulation, and balance body hydration and electrolytes.  Each day will include a muslin tea bag full of blended herbal tea, with ingredients targeting and coordinated with the body system we are focusing on each day, to increase the therapeutic benefit of your cleanse. 


The 5 DAY CLEANSE allows for a more thorough detoxification and saturation of nutrients.  In addition to the achievements of the three day cleanse, we will spend an extra day focused on the colon and gastro-intestinal system, clearing accumulated waste and soothing irritation in the gut lining.  We end our 5 DAY CLEANSE with a day of blood and lymph purification, clearing lymph stagnation, replacing it with alkalizing and mineralized fluids, and boosting immune function.


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