Patrice Surley, MH, NC 

I have worked in the field of holistic health care for over 23 years and have practiced clinical nutrition since 2009.  I studied human nutrition at the University of Texas at Arlington, earned a Master Herbalist degree from the School of Natural Healing and hold a Nutrition Consultant certification from Hawthorn University.  I spent 8 years consulting for a prominent integrative oncology nutrition group and, for the past two decades, have attended countless workshops and lectures given by the best holistic health practitioners.

My clinical focus is on cancer and auto-immune illnesses, as well as, wellness and disease prevention.  My philosophy and approach is evidence based and rooted in functional medicine. I keep current with the immense amount of promising research being done in the fields of cancer and nutrition, epigenetics/nutrigenomics, and longevity science.  I incorporate thorough analysis of various labs in an effort to create a healthy body environment that can deter dis-ease.  

I often work alongside renowned physicians and will gladly collaborate with your medical team.  I am passionate about nutrition and integrate my knowledge of tradition, science, research and extensive clinical experience to offer an individually tailored nutrition plan.  

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